Bilum Clutch - Folder Over Denim

$110.00 AUD

Bilum Clutch - Folder Over Denim

Made in partnership with THE SOCIAL OUTFIT, a social enterprise charity that provides employment and training to people from refugee and new migrant communities through an ethical manufacturing studio and retail store in Sydney, Australia. Project Two Mile's colourful Bilum panels are spliced with deadstock denim and velvet to create an exquisite collection of one-of-a-kind clutches.

Together, Project Two Mile and The Social Outfit are building skills in a supportive environment, providing PNG women with the opportunity to earn a fair and decent wage, practising their ancient craft while supporting refugee and new migrant women in Australia with employment, training, and community.


  • Height 14 cm
  • Width 20cm

These bilums help support the weavers and their families to have a stable income through our Project Two Mile initiative.