Woven Wares

Explore timeless handcrafted woven wares with incredible details. All our materials are ethically and sustainably sourced.


Organic Bilums Bags

Our organic bilum bags are handcrafted using materials sourced from the surrounding vegetation

“When art combines with purpose, it becomes something truly extraordinary.”

is an initiative with a singular purpose – to economically and purposefully
uplift the lives of marginalised women by providing a global platform for their
artwork and crafts.

You are changing their narrative

our core focus

providing the artisan weavers with the means for better access to health, education and help with their day-to-day needs

By giving women an opportunity to find economic independence through their traditional craft, Project Two Mile aims to uplift not only the women’s lives, but to keep the ancient technique of weaving alive.

Weaving their stories

They work with the simplest of tools using the oldest weaving techniques that have been passed through many generations